Create a calming sewing space.

Our lives are busier now more than ever, mentally and physically, and it’s important to find time to slow down. It becomes a challenge to prioritise stress relieving hobbies when there is so much going on. But if we purposefully create a space to be able to take up those hobbies, we have a constant reminder to take time to indulge in something that brings joy and calmness.

With that in mind, let’s look into how you can do this by creating a calming sewing space. A space to give you the opportunity to switch off from the world and fall deeply in love with the enchanting, repetitive process of hand sewing.

Crafting has long been known to provide therapeutic benefits. There are a variety of skills you can learn and, for me, one of the most rewarding is hand sewing. There is such a magical connection between your hands and your mind, which when hand sewing, gives you the ability to switch off from the world around you and creates a glorious bubble of calmness. Whether you’re an experienced hand sewer or a complete novice it’s very rewarding to be able to create something for yourself or a loved one. It is also such a portable technique; you can pretty much do it anywhere.

Setting up your sewing space is really just about surrounding yourself with things that make you feel calm, relaxed and happy. The most important thing is to find somewhere that you feel c