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the beginner's guide to hand appliqué magic...

     Hand sewing has such a magical element to it, it’s that beautiful connection between your mind and your hands. It is relaxing and enables you to create beautiful handmade pieces for yourself or a loved one. Through the process of sewing by hand you will fall in love with the enchanting flow of needle and thread.


     Within the world of quilting, hand appliqué is one technique that encompasses this completely. It is the art of layering and stitching fabric together in decorative ways. It is not as daunting as you may think, and in this guide will be looking at the traditional technique of needle turn appliqué  This technique is exactly how it sounds, the art of using your needle to turn under the seam allowance of your fabric and stitch it into place. 


     The video and written tutorials will support you with clear instructions on how to stitch each shape. There are 5 basic shapes that, once you can tackle, will enable you to take on any appliqué pattern with confidence. You can purchase the optional skill builder pack here, which includes 60 shapes, that will give you the opportunity to practise as much or as little as you want. Use up scraps of fabric and be as creative as you like with the shapes, you could even create a lovely abstract piece!

You can find video tutorials for each stage of the guide;


Part 1 – The Perfect Hand Applique Recipe

Part 2 - The Quilter's Knot

Part 3 – Preparing your fabric & shapes

Part 4 – Learning the needle turn appliqué technique through straight lines

Part 5 – Outer Curves

Part 6 – Inner Curve

Part 7 – Outer points

Part 8 – Inner points


     If you have never tried this technique before don’t be phased by it, embrace the wonkiness in the beginning. It’s the perfectly imperfect that will make it truly yours. 


     The most important thing is to enjoy the process, enjoy getting lost in the world of needle and thread. And always remember to sew a little magic into your home…